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The Moxie Mountie


The Moxie Mountie is the official student produced newspaper of Northwest High School. Our paper is produced to serve students, staff and the surrounding community. While our writings aim to appeal to students, we also cover issues that concern our entire audience.

Letters to the Editor are encouraged.  If published, they will appear with the author’s name and grade or position.  The Moxie Mountie reserves the right to edit the letters for grammar, length, or content if necessary. The writer will be notified if drastic changes occur.

The opinions displayed in The Moxie Mountie are not necessarily the opinions of the entire journalism staff, advisor, student body or administration. The class advisor and editorial board will determine all final content to be published in The Moxie Mountie, though the entire journalism staff will have a discussion on the content within the paper.

As with any newsworthy topic, controversial issues will be covered. If the topic is questionable, the editors and the advisor will make a decision as to whether to the topic should be covered by The Moxie Mountie.  The staff and writer will remain unbiased and will avoid attacking individual persons, instead focusing on issues.

The Moxie Mountie follows the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook.  All stories written by an individual and all photos published in the newspaper will receive a by-line or photo-by, which are designed to give recognition to a member of the newspaper staff.

In order to obtain a position on The Moxie Mountie, the student interested in joining the staff must provide sufficient writing experience, be recommended by the class advisor and an English teacher, fill out an application, and attend a closed interview with the returning staff in the spring. In the case in which a new student from another school wishes to be a part of the newspaper staff, they must have written on their previous school’s newspaper and their advisor will be contacted.

The Moxie Mountie will distribute newspapers during selling months. During these selling months, newspapers will be for sale during all lunches.  Subscriptions are also available upon request through the business manager.

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