Marvel Phase 5 announcement sparks excited viewers

Raegan Foster, Feature Editor & Business Manager

 In July Of 2022, Marvel made a surprise announcement at the San Diego Comic Convention. They announced the full lineup of movies for Phase 5 and a few select movies from Phase 6.   

  They announced 12 movies and television (TV) shows to be released over the next two years. The release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever signifies the end of Phase 4.

   The release of the third Ant-Man movie, Ant-Man, and The Wasp: Quantamania, will kick off Phase 5 on February 17, 2023. The movie has been revealed to reintroduce the villain Kang who was first introduced at the end of Loki. 

   Junior Brooke Dennis has been a Marvel fan for the past five years. Her appreciation for this on-screen world stems from her love for Chris Evans, who formerly played Captain American.  

   “I am excited to see how they reintroduce Kang and how they develop his character,” said Dennis. “I am definitely excited to see the new Captain America movie because I want to see how Sam Wilson is going to take over for Steve and how he will overcome the struggles that come with the Captain America mantle.” 

   Captain America: New World Order Marvel will be showcasing Sam Wilson, played by Anthony Mackey, as Captain America in-depth for the first time. This movie is said to take place after the events of The Falcon and Winter Soldier where Wilson was officially announced as the new Captain America. Marvel seems to be taking a fresh route when it comes to the new phase.

   Computer Science teacher Brandon Baker believes Marvel has done a great job with the TV shows they have been realizing on Disney+, despite his feelings that they could be doing more. 

   “I would like them to accelerate the development of the characters they acquired when they bought Fox. The X-men franchise has great comic stories, and I hope to see those on the big screen soon,” said Baker. 

   With most of the original six Avengers being decommissioned, it can be exciting for fans like Junior Celia Ebener to see what new characters they will be introducing.

   Ironheart is not the only new addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since the character is still reasonably new to Marvel’s comics. She was introduced in 2016 and is already making her debut in the MCU with the Black Panther: Wakanda forever movie

   “I could not be more excited for Ironheart’s story. The MCU has needed another strong female superhero for a while,” said Ebener.

   Marvel listens to their fan’s praises regarding some of their villains since they will be releasing two spinoff shows on a few of their fan-favorite villains, including Agatha from WandaVision, Echo from Hawkeye, as well as another season of Loki. 

   “Some of the spinoffs are a little far off of what has made Marvel so good in the past, but I am excited to see what they end up doing,” said Ebener.

   Marvel seems to be trying a lot of new things with this new phase of movies and shows. Fans can only hope that it turns out well for them.