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The Moxie Mountie

2021-2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Hannah Smith Editor-in-Chief See Hannah Smith’s profile
See Hannah Smith’s profile
Riley Henderson Assistant Editor See Riley Henderson’s profile
See Riley Henderson’s profile
Mason Schroeder Sports Editor See Mason Schroeder’s profile
See Mason Schroeder’s profile
Meris Lacinski Feature Editor See Meris Lacinski’s profile
See Meris Lacinski’s profile
Des Cutter Opinion Editor See Des Cutter’s profile
See Des Cutter’s profile
Alondra Mata News Editor See Alondra Mata’s profile
See Alondra Mata’s profile
Holliss Rumler Photographer & Web Journalist See Holliss Rumler’s profile
See Holliss Rumler’s profile
Kaylee Kitts Web Journalist See Kaylee Kitts’s profile
See Kaylee Kitts’s profile
Parker Shaw Web Journalist See Parker Shaw’s profile
See Parker Shaw’s profile
Leo Moten Web Journalist See Leo Moten’s profile
See Leo Moten’s profile
Denver Hillard Web Journalist See Denver Hillard’s profile
See Denver Hillard’s profile
Abby Warner Web Journalist See Abby Warner’s profile
See Abby Warner’s profile
Kyleigh Tindall Web Journalist See Kyleigh Tindall’s profile
See Kyleigh Tindall’s profile
Hailee Paugh Web Journalist See Hailee Paugh’s profile
See Hailee Paugh’s profile
Emma Flynn Web Journalist See Emma Flynn’s profile
See Emma Flynn’s profile
Ava Rose Web Journalist See Ava Rose’s profile
See Ava Rose’s profile
Jaylynn Moore Web Journalist See Jaylynn Moore’s profile
See Jaylynn Moore’s profile
Noah Banner Web Journalist See Noah Banner’s profile
See Noah Banner’s profile
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