Serenade! enjoys trip to Camp MacGregor

Abby Warner, Editor

Sophomores Gwen Ebener, Morgan Good, and Senior Aubrey Martin participate in a photo competition and fulfill the category of “Harry Potter” for a picture. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Morgan Good overlooks the lake at camp MacGregor. (Abby Warner)
After Serenade!’s lip-dub battle, we celebrated with a little dance of the Cupid Shuffle. (Abby Warner)
Serenade! practices their music and dance routine for Fall Concert. (Abby Warner)
Saturday night Serenade! partakes in a fancy dinner as a choir family. (Abby Warner)
Pasta bar that parents served our special Saturday night dinner from. (Abby Warner)
Chaperones set up fancy tables for our special surprise dinner. (Abby Warner)
Chaperones Eric and Tara Hilliard serve our pasta at our special dinner. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Denver Hilliard and Junior Kaetlynn Hutt spending joyous time at the special pasta dinner held by chaperoning parents. (Abby Warner)
Sophomores Gwen Ebener and Kaylenna Foor laughing at jokes made at dinner table. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Allison Ives and Junior Lauralynn Pelton get emotional and laugh with friends after speech.
Senior Atlas Pace and Sophomore Josey Hackborn share some celebration cake. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Josey Hackborn laughs hysterically at friends jokes and comments on her plastic ring. (Abby Warner)
Junior Kaetlynn Hutt and Senior Kaileigh Deneka hug jokingly after emotional surprise from friends. (Abby Warner)
Choir Director Matt Snell gives a speech on what it means to be apart of Serenade and finishes with Serenade’s famous exclamation. (Abby Warner)
Senior Aubrey Martin, Sophomore Cadance Hemminger, and Freshman Willa Bartlett cheers to Snell’s speech. (Abby Warner)
Serenade! heads out to the lake view to take a photo in dressy outfits. (Abby Warner)
Abby Warner
Serenade! has a tradition of playing “The Yarn Game”. In this game you take a piece of yarn and throw it to a person and you tell them something you appreciate or fix any broken relationships. This photo was captured before we dropped the tangled yarn. (Abby Warner)
Sophomores Gwen Ebener and Amelia Fracker comfort each other after the emotion filled game of Yarn. (Abby Warner)
Sophomores Josey Hackborn and Morgan good reminisce in the Yarn game. (Abby Warner)
Sophomores Nahyla Lile and Grace Holm make smores after their share of emotion toward Yarn game. (Abby Warner)
Freshman Emma Brugger Makes smores after games. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Cadance Hemminger and Freshman Willa Bartlett goof around at the smore making. Bartlett made a smore with Fudge Stripe cookies (Abby Warner)
Do you like crispy marshmallows or nice golden brown? (Abby Warner)
Senior Atlas Pace and Sophomore Josey Hackborn celebrate joking marriage at the fire it. (Abby Warner)
Serenade! makes pages with their names and everyone in the choir family writes them a sticky note with a positive message or comment. (Abby Warner)
Serenade! takes a photo with their pages of sticky notes on the lakeside view. (Abby Warner)
Senior Aubrey Martin signs the stage celebrating her last year in the choir. (Abby Warner)
Senior Atlas Pace signs the stage celebrating her last year in the choir. (Abby Warner)