Senior Owen Khon leads athletes while playing two Fall varsity sports


Photo by: Miss Marnie Hade

Owen Khon walking with his parents on senior night.

Noah Banner, Editor

   Dual sporting is not for everybody, but for some athletes, it allows them to pursue two passions during the same athletic season.  It prevents them from having to choose to quit one of their sports.

   Senior Owen Khon is one student who chose to do dual sports. Khon participates in soccer as his primary sport, which requires most of his time, while he also does cross country. He only engages in cross-country if there is no soccer game in conflict.

   “I love to run. I have run my whole life,” said Khon. I enjoy both sports, so why not do both at the same time.”

   Khon brings leadership and confidence to both sports. In soccer, he is one of the varsity captains, while in cross-country, he leads the team as one of the top runners.

   Even though Khon is dual-sporting, he does not “slack off.” In both sports, he demands 100 percent effort from himself, and he is often praised by his teammates.  Junior Rubenn Lanpher, a fellow captain of the soccer team, is super close with Khon and has nothing but praise for him.

   “He brings energy to every game and really helps hold down the midfield with me,” said Lanpher.  I appreciate what he does because it takes more than just one person to win a game.”

   Senior Aaron Murray, who is also a soccer player,  is another good friend of Khon. During the season, they are together every day at practices and games, and Murray respects Khon and the discipline he brings to the team.

   “He [Khon] just runs and runs without stopping. When he’s in the game, there is no stopping him in speed or physicality,” said Murray. “It’s like he has a never-ending motor, and he continues to go.”

   Even with cross-country, Khon’s teammates have a lot of praise for him. Senior Lainey Reynolds has been a cross-country runner for most of her life. Reynolds has been on the cross-team throughout high school and enjoys her team, but she believes that Khon adds something special.

   “He is one of the best runners and has excellent times in all our meets. He really brings a lot of energy and motivation to the team,” said Reynolds.

   Although dual sporting is not preferred, it has allowed Khon to continue playing, but ultimately, what is most incredible is how he excelled as a leader in both sports.