Students to create cards for Veterans Day and World Kindness Day


Abby Warner, Editor

   Northwest Community Schools is partnering with the Military Mama Network to help spread holiday joy to our military. Staff members encourage students to write “Holiday Cards For Heroes” to honor World Kindness Day and Veterans Day.

   You can be a part of this activity. Please include a heartfelt message inside your card in ink. You can start with a generic salutation such as “Dear Hero,” “Dear Service Member,” or “Dear Brave One.” 

   Directions are: Express your thanks for their selfless service. Sign ONLY your first name. Keep messages upbeat; avoid politics altogether. Insert the card into the envelope and gently tuck the flap inside. Envelopes should be given to Marnie Hade by 2:30 on November 11. 

    Contact Hade @[email protected] if you have questions about this project.       

   We will also collect a one-dollar donation from anyone who wants to wear a hat this Friday, November 11. 

   The donation will help cover the shipping cost for your Holiday Cards for Heroes November Service Project.