Jazz band prepares for new year


Al Simons

Junior Michael Layher stands for his solo during mountie montage

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

Without even beginning practices, Jazz Band has already performed the first time this season. The band has only met three times before their first concert at Mountie Montage.

Only 23 students partake in the class, but they do create a big sound for each show.

The students who wish to join the Jazz Band must audition with a piece of music for the band director, Mr. Mangiavellano.

Once the auditions are finished, the group can finally get together to rehearse. However, the class does not start until the second trimester.

“Jazz Band does not exactly start until after Thanksgiving, but the next concert will be the winter concert on Dec. 10 and another concert at Vista Grand Villa on Dec. 17,” said Mangiavellano.

Students taking the class are excited to start and create beautiful music together. For some students, being in a smaller class lets them shine individually.

“I like how it is more of a close knit group and how everyone has to learn their own part and be able to play it to make it sound good,” said senior Holly Hendershot.

Hendershot has been in Jazz Band since her seventh grade year of middle school. Her motivation to keep auditioning and joining the class throughout her high school career came from Mangiavellano.

Being a small class, the student in Jazz Band believe they have a connection the other bands do not; this allows them to be able to put emotion in their music and have a successful year.