The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

Fall play cast list and performance times.


Mike Layher, Assistant Web Editor-in-Chief

Drama Club’s 2014 fall production, performed at Grass Lake High School, is titled The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.

Performance dates for this event are:

Friday, December 5th

Saturday, December 6th

Friday, December 12th

Saturday, December 13th

Each performance begins at 7:00pm and is about 2 hours long.

Admission is free for staff, but general admission is $5.


Fall Play Cast 

NARRATOR 1 – Kels Curl/Sophi Epstein              WALT – Tyler Collins

NARRATOR 2 – Grant Saylor/Jaison Balluff      LITTLE RED – Emalee Cantlin

ACTOR – Dru Olszewski/Maggi Hastings           GRANDMA – Emily Bostedor

CINDERELLA – Jaynie Sorenson                            THE WOLF – Breanna Duncan

PRINCE 1 – Jimmy Kampf                                          WOODCUTTER – Alex Fodor

TALKING FISH – Mackenzie Miller                        FISHER GIRL – Marisa Miller

ENCHANTRESS – Paula Crow                                  GIRL – Ashley Potosky

ELF COBBLER – Savannah Shook                           HOST – Audrey Stephens

RUMPELSTILTSKIN – Austin Duncan                  THE DEVIL – Abby Nelson

THE DEVIL’S GRANDMOTHER – Kara Brown  RAPUNZEL – Samantha Collins

VOICE OF GIANT – Daniel Owens                          PRINCE 2 – Jayden Snyder

GRETEL – Mercedes Burgess                                      THE DEVIL 2 – Kate Romkee

HANSEL – Tyler Collins                                               CRAB 1 – Savannah Shook

WITCH – Ashleigh Brown                                            CRAB 2 – Brooklynne Wright

DWARF 2 – Daniel Owens                                          VOICE OF GOD –  Nick Grindall

DIRT MERCHANT – Marisa & Mackenzie Miller  SNOW WHITE – Alex Fodor

PRINCE 3 – Abby Nelson/Emily Bostedor                WITCH 2 – Sydney Eff-Jones

GIRL WITHOUT HANDS – Emalee Cantlin            DWARF 1 – Kierna Brown

FROG PRINCE – Nick Grindall                                    FATHER – Jimmy Kampf

PRINCESS – Karley Wertzbar                                       MOTHER – Breanna Duncan

KING – Austin Duncan                                                  DOCTOR – Brooklynne Wright

Crew Members

Genna Barner                    Abbey Ferguson                    Jenna Sorenson

Devon Walsh                    Kaelyn Weisbrod                  Kate Romkee