The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

Fall play cast list and performance times.


Mike Layher, Journalist

Drama Club’s 2014 fall production, performed at Grass Lake High School, is titled The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon.

Performance dates for this event are:

Friday, December 5th

Saturday, December 6th

Friday, December 12th

Saturday, December 13th

Each performance begins at 7:00pm and is about 2 hours long.

Admission is free for staff, but general admission is $5.


Fall Play Cast 

NARRATOR 1 – Kels Curl/Sophi Epstein              WALT – Tyler Collins

NARRATOR 2 – Grant Saylor/Jaison Balluff      LITTLE RED – Emalee Cantlin

ACTOR – Dru Olszewski/Maggi Hastings           GRANDMA – Emily Bostedor

CINDERELLA – Jaynie Sorenson                            THE WOLF – Breanna Duncan

PRINCE 1 – Jimmy Kampf                                          WOODCUTTER – Alex Fodor

TALKING FISH – Mackenzie Miller                        FISHER GIRL – Marisa Miller

ENCHANTRESS – Paula Crow                                  GIRL – Ashley Potosky

ELF COBBLER – Savannah Shook                           HOST – Audrey Stephens

RUMPELSTILTSKIN – Austin Duncan                  THE DEVIL – Abby Nelson

THE DEVIL’S GRANDMOTHER – Kara Brown  RAPUNZEL – Samantha Collins

VOICE OF GIANT – Daniel Owens                          PRINCE 2 – Jayden Snyder

GRETEL – Mercedes Burgess                                      THE DEVIL 2 – Kate Romkee

HANSEL – Tyler Collins                                               CRAB 1 – Savannah Shook

WITCH – Ashleigh Brown                                            CRAB 2 – Brooklynne Wright

DWARF 2 – Daniel Owens                                          VOICE OF GOD –  Nick Grindall

DIRT MERCHANT – Marisa & Mackenzie Miller  SNOW WHITE – Alex Fodor

PRINCE 3 – Abby Nelson/Emily Bostedor                WITCH 2 – Sydney Eff-Jones

GIRL WITHOUT HANDS – Emalee Cantlin            DWARF 1 – Kierna Brown

FROG PRINCE – Nick Grindall                                    FATHER – Jimmy Kampf

PRINCESS – Karley Wertzbar                                       MOTHER – Breanna Duncan

KING – Austin Duncan                                                  DOCTOR – Brooklynne Wright

Crew Members

Genna Barner                    Abbey Ferguson                    Jenna Sorenson

Devon Walsh                    Kaelyn Weisbrod                  Kate Romkee