Updates on NWCS Organizations Results

Rachel Keeler, Opinion Editor

   Northwest Community Schools has been raising money and awareness for many organizations recently. 

   During the week of September 19th to September 23rd, our community raised $1,213.85 and collected 2,185 nonperishable food/toiletry items for the hunger bowl. We have competed with Western Schools for seven consecutive years with this fundraiser. Northwest has remained undefeated in the Hunger Bowl! 

   Another organization we raised money for was Henry Ford (Allegiance) Cancer Patient Fund. Our community has donated $1,230 and at every sporting event we honored someone close to each athlete who is a fighter or survivor. Volleyball, soccer, football, cheerleading, and marching band all honored their loved ones who have dealt with cancer. 

   In October, Northwest Community Schools participated in Socktober. This decision was made because we were informed that socks are the most needed but least donated items in shelters. We donated 580 pairs of new socks and $300 for area shelters!

   In our last organization, we raised funding for the Military Mama Network. This group aids others to spread holiday joy to military personnel, near and far. Our older students wrote 445 cards to honor World Kindness Day and Veterans Day. Northwest Elementary students colored and decorated 300+ pictures as well. Thanks to our entire community, we donated $568 for postage to get pictures and cards to our military. 

   Overall, within these four fundraisers, we raised $3,311.85 in total for the many organizations. We give huge thanks to our wonderful community for donating to those in need.