Hallway calendars provide information, benefit multiple groups

Rachel Keeler, Opinion Editor

  Miss Marnie Hade has been teaching for 27 years. This year, one of the many programs she runs through the school received funding from local businesses to put up calendars throughout the hallways. The goal is to help students remember and to provide easy access to information displayed in one place. 

   “In theory, if you know what is going on, you can see the options you have to engage in school,” said Hade. The Renaissance Team believes that the goal will be achieved, but it just needs time to see the lasting effects. 

   “I get fewer questions about when meetings are but more questions about what they saw on the calendars,” said Hade.

   Other organizations within the school, like the Student Team of Renaissance Mounties (STORM) and the National Honors Society (NHS), have seen these changes as well. 

   Emily Stepke, the STORM advisor, has been involved with the leadership group for three years.  

   “Our members fill out the calendars for STORM,” said Stepke. 

   This is important because it allows for more student involvement. Having members fill these calendars out shows responsibility and employability. 

   “Member attendance is required in STORM, although I believe it has helped remind them about upcoming meetings. Also, it has raised awareness for students interested,” said Stepke. 

   The student body has been more informed about events STORM and The Renaissance Council have put on, providing funding for more events. 

   The NHS has also significantly benefitted from calendars throughout the hallways. Randi Watts, the advisor, sees calendars as a helpful asset. 

   “I like that it keeps all of the dates organized in front of the students for easy access and reminders,” said Watts.

With these calendars around the hallways en route to classes, many students can glance at them on their stroll. The NHS has always had good attendance, but throughout the past couple of years, it has dropped some. 

   “I cannot say I put our amazing attendance this year to just the calendars,” said Watts. “I think that our school being fully face-to-face instead of hybrid learning helps also.”

Although attendance is recorded through this organization, Watts believes the hallway calendars are essential not only to remind but to spread awareness. 

   Hallway calendars provide great responsibility for those who fill it out, along with a subtle, independent reminder to make it to your meeting. Overall, these calendars provide visual aids to help provide structure in extracurricular activities and meetings.