Jackson Area Career Center proves beneficial for students


Kyleigh Tindall, Editor

The Jackson Area Career Center (JACC) is a specialized training school for Juniors and Seniors to attend for either the first or second half of the day. Students learn how to begin a future path, and excellent class options are available, such as Careers in Education, Dental, Law Enforcement, Cosmetology, and many more.

Cosmetology program

   Cassie Ruhlig, who goes to Napoleon High School, attends the Cosmetology program at the JACC. She is excited that once the program is completed and a student has earned their 1,500 hours, they can take the state board test and earn a license.

This two-year program is not for everyone. Some may even decide after completing the class that they want to go to college. If so, they will move on with up to 60 college credits earned from completing the course.

“You learn the sense of responsibility and coming together as a team to get sanitation done,” said Ruhlig.

The Cosmetology teachers are amazing and supportive of all students and their decisions. Mrs. Sumner, Mrs. Applegate, Mrs. Mclear, and Mrs. Flinn all do everything they can to ensure their students succeed in their careers.

Visual Communications program

Senior Taylor Corser attends the Visual Communications two-year program. This program has taught Corser many things. She learned skills in creating t-shirts, license plates, posters, stickers, business cards, and many others.

   Visual Communications also allows students to earn college credits. With the experience students get at the Career Center, they can apply these skills to any graphic design and art career. Corser has obtained other skills as well. 

  “I have gained great teamwork and communication skills. I had to learn patience as well, mostly while making a product, it usually does not work out the first time, so I have learned how to compose myself,” said Corser.

Dental Hygiene program

   Senior Alayna Qualls, from Jackson High School, attends the Dental Hygiene program. Some of the basic things they do inside the classroom are flossing, suctioning, impressions, alginate, and many more team-inclusive activities. They often practice techniques on each other.

   This is also a two-year program that can allow you to get credits for college. They are currently only working toward becoming dental assistants and hygienists. 

   “I have improved my social skills a lot since I joined the class, along with my time management,” said Qualls.

   Qualls favorite parts about the class are the supportive teachers, fellow classmates, and all the hands-on work.  

   These are only a few of the amazing programs found at JACC. Students from all over the county are finding successful careers while in high school. Overall, there are many benefits, such as hands-on learning experiences, improved social skills, and earning possible college credits.

   It is recommended that students look into joining one of the many programs they provide just for the experience. It is a great opportunity to prepare for the future.