Men’s volleyball uses Sunday practices to prepare for second season

Mason Schroeder, Editor in Chief

   With the first year under their belts, the men’s volleyball team will turn to their experience during the upcoming season. Under the direction of Coach Elizabeth Hoffbauer, these athletes hope to improve after a solid first year. 

   A year ago, a few junior boys decided to start a men’s volleyball team; the rest is history. At first, the group struggled to get off the ground because it had issues with scheduling and practice time logistics, but in the end, there was a team. There were 18 guys who came out to create this team, and ultimately, they enjoyed every moment.

   Moving into the second year, the team is looking to use open gyms and other workouts to improve over the winter and spring months. 

   “Open gyms run from 9 – 11:30 a.m. each Sunday until the end of the season. It is the gym time we are given preseason with so many sports requiring gym time right now,” said Hoffbauer. 

The 2021-22 men’s volleyball team.                              (Photo by: Mason Schroeder)

Coach Hoffbauer explains how she loves to coach each and every player due to the energy they bring, and the passion for the sport of volleyball is something she looks for in each player.

   Sophomore Hudon Cooper is a middle hitter for the team and loves how close the group becomes. 

   “My expectations for the team this year is to get a better record than last year and even maybe make it to states,” said Cooper. 

   After being active in sports his whole life, Cooper wanted to try a new and different sport. He believes that his athleticism in other sports has correlated to his success in volleyball. 

   Cooper is looking forward to the season this year after the team has had a year to understand the ins and outs of volleyball. 

   “The team has all improved in the off-season, and we all enjoy teaching the new players as well,” said Cooper. “I love the vibes in games and during practices with the music, and the atmosphere is like a family.”

   Even though there is a “family” feel to the team, the atmosphere is also very competitive, explains Hoffbauer. This competitive nature allows their teammates to improve with each rep. 

   “I love the team’s willingness to learn and being able to accept criticism,” said Hoffbauer. “This, along with being able to compete, has allowed our team to be successful.”

   Hoffbauer and Cooper believe that success is coming for the team due to their leaders.

   “I look forward to seeing growth from returning players in their game and leadership.  I also hope to see new interest from younger players, so the program continues after this year,” said Hoffbauer.