Recreation of ‘That ’70s Show’ falls short

Raegan Foster, Feature Editor & Business Manager

 Most people are aware of the classic sitcom That ’70s Show. Which, in turn, has caused a lot of excitement for its sequel, That ’90s Show. However, the new show lacks the same connection and often misses the mark. 

   That ’90s Show follows the life of Leia, daughter of two of the stars from That ’70s Show, Eric and Donna, after she decides to spend the summer at her grandparents, Red and Kitty’s house. 

Rachel Keeler watching That 90s Show (Photo by: Raegan Foster)

   The show follows Leia in her trial-and-error process of making friends in this new town and even finding love. 

   Many long-time lovers of That ’70s Show have shown a new interest in That ’90s Show, one of those people being senior Jacob Swartz. 

   “While I did enjoy the show, I feel like the characters from That ’70s Show seemed like they were really friends, and in this sequel, it seems like they’re putting on an act for each other and that they are not true friends,” said Swartz. 

   One of the seemingly best parts of the show is the little cameos of characters from the past show. 

   Junior Abrielle Taylor also enjoys the cameos made by past characters. 

   “I love how the characters still act like themselves even though they are older. My favorite cameos have to be Kitty and Red mostly because they are portrayed to have the same dynamic that they had in the past,” said Taylor.

   The cameos of the characters from That ’70s Show bring to question how or if the writers of That ’90s Show will address the lack of appearance of Danny Masterson, who portrayed Hyde in That ’70s Show

   The characters of the new show are bound to be compared to their counterparts from the past constantly. Especially in regards to how well the characters’ friendship flows.

   “I loved Leia’s character because I feel that she flowed really well with the other characters, and I like that you can see glimpses of Eric and Donna in her. But, I do not think that Jay or Nate’s characters flow as well,” said Taylor. “In my eyes, Nate seems more like Kelso’s son than Jay does because of his mindset, whereas the only thing Jay has in common with Kelsey is that he is a huge flirt.” 

   All in all, That ’90s Show has a lot of similarities to That ’70s Show, but it is yet to be seen whether or not it will be as iconic and memorable.