Poll shows students stay with favorite food even with other options


Photo by: Mason Schroeder

Entrance to the cafetorium at Northwest High School

Joseph Tobey-Cook, Editor In Chief

   The wide variety of food in the cafeteria is amazing, but certain people only ever eat at one of these amazing sections each and every day despite all the options. 

  Senior Samuel MacMillan liked the Taste of Mediterranean section the most, along with 11.1 percent of students. His favorite food made there is chicken alfredo because it is generally healthy and has a savory flavor to it. 

   One thing MacMillan thinks that could be done better with the food sections is spacing out the different types of food they serve each week instead of serving the same meal twice a week.

Pie Chart made by Joseph Tobey

  Likewise, Madison Rusch likes The taste of Mediterranean the most out of all the food sections in the cafeteria. She likes the Macaroni the most despite its lack of health benefits.

  The Taste of Mediterranean section is one of the least liked sections, while one of the front runners for the favorite food section is the Pizza Parlor. 

   Despite its lack of nutrition, students still love the pizza station. One of those students is Junior Page Eberly. She says that out of all of the food sections, the Pizza Parlor is her favorite due to just how good it is. 

   “It is an easy grab-and-go for me as a career center student,” said Eberly

   A big reason people seem to eat at the same section often is because it is so hard to know what food is being served at other sections. 

   “I know some people like certain food sections because of their consistency,” said Rusch

   The best thing that she could think of to improve the lunch sections is some sort of sign showing what’s being served in that section for the day so that people won’t be scrambling to find out what is where. 

   In addition, MacMillan also believes a big thing that keeps people eating at the same section every day is the consistency of food or where students know what they’re gonna get.

   “I think people enjoy these sections so much because they know the food that is being served there and what their personalized taste is,” said MacMillan.

   Overall, it seems like people are pleased with the number of options the lunchroom has and how healthy the opinions are, but it could use some signs around the café part of the lunchroom so that it won’t be as unorganized.