The Moxie Mountie

Entrance to the cafetorium at Northwest High School

Poll shows students stay with favorite food even with other options

Joseph Tobey-Cook, Journalist March 1, 2023

   The wide variety of food in the cafeteria is amazing, but certain people only ever eat at one of these amazing sections each and every day despite all the options.    Senior Samuel MacMillan...

Femi Harris spins teacher Jenna Sorenson in the riveting game of pin the bow on the gingerbread man.

Peer connections sells popcorn and goodies to fund activities

Abby Warner, Assistant Editor February 27, 2023

   Tasty treats are a great way to top off lunches, and the Peer Connections program has been selling goodies such as popcorn and brownies all year. Though most students enjoy this, there is more behind...

Mystery surrounding missing microwave solved

Mystery surrounding missing microwave solved

Alondra Mata, News Editors December 8, 2022

   After two years of being in storage due to COVID-19, the widely appreciated community microwave was finally able to make a comeback to the cafetorium. Unfortunately, after only a few weeks of being...

Empty machines enrage fellow students who look to find a snack.

Vending machine review needed to prevent conflicts with food service contracts

Tyler Hughey, Journalist December 2, 2022

   Vending machines at Northwest High School have not been adequately maintained and have issues that need to be addressed. This is due to the school administration not having access to the machines...

Lonely snack shelf without customers in Miss Dryers room.

The Snack Dilema

Raegan Foster, Journalist November 1, 2022

   Having snacks throughout the day is a common occurrence for kids during the school day, especially for the students who have C lunch. This is where Psychology and Literature teacher Tracey Dryer...

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