Mystery surrounding missing microwave solved


Alondra Mata, Editor-in-Chief

   After two years of being in storage due to COVID-19, the widely appreciated community microwave was finally able to make a comeback to the cafetorium. Unfortunately, after only a few weeks of being in use, the microwave mysteriously disappeared from its place by the stage.

The puzzling case of the missing microwave created confusion among the student body.

Although multiple students were aware of the microwave’s disappearance, it still went unnoticed by higher authorities, including Assistant Principal Amanda Anspaugh.

   “It was early in the year when a student asked to bring the microwave out, so we brought it back,” said Anspaugh. “But nobody has communicated to me that it disappeared.”

   When the issue was brought to her attention, Anspaugh did everything in her power to locate the microwave. She contacted custodians and other staff members to question the issue.

   Senior Lawrence Ford was quick to notice the missing appliance and wasted no time in bringing awareness among students. He informed his peers about the situation which opened a discussion regarding the benefits microwaves allow students.

   “Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use the microwave before, but honestly, I think that it was one of the smartest options Northwest offered,” said Ford.

   Shortly after awareness was brought to the crucial disappearance, Anspaugh found the microwave and safely returned it with help from the custodians.  

   According to Anspaugh, the microwave was moved away from the bottom tier, closest to the stage because of the choir and band concerts were being held in the cafetorium. Since its return, the microwave has been relocated to the top tier, to the far left side of the cafetorium.      

   Students are back to thriving with the microwave option. It effectively encourages students with food allergies and diet restrictions to bring in their lunches again. They no longer have to worry about their food options.