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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

FOLLOW UP STORY to “Science teacher presents admin fountain”

Joseph Tobey-Cook
A beautiful photo of the new fountain.

   On Friday, May 31st the biology students in Rhonda Drumm’s class went out to the front of the school to see the fruit of their labor come to fruition. 

   “How beautiful is it that when you drive into the school you get to see the fountain,” said Drumm “The first time I drove into school and saw the fountain I just had this big ol smile on my face!”

   Drumm’s biology classes got together and worked tirelessly towards convincing the school to install the fountain in the pond throughout the first trimester. Earlier this spring they were able to have it installed bringing a sense of accomplishment and strength. Freshman, Hassan Ameen was a part of Drumm’s biology class and is elated to see the fountain up and running. 

   “It can show people that students can get stuff done,” said Ameen “ Voice is power.” Drumm says that the whole process was an invigorating experience and that she is happy that she was able to encourage her kids to step outside of their comfort zones. 

   “It was a rough first trimester but in the end, they worked hard on it,” said Drumm. 

   This project had a plethora of benefits for the school and it also taught high schoolers the importance of taking care of the environment, especially its water sources. 

   “Water is important to put it simply,” said Ameen “If I ever hear about another project I’m gonna be along for the ride.”

   Drumm’s students’ deep-seated feelings involving the fountain’s installation made it quite easy to convince Geoff Bontrager.

   “The students showed they cared about it and so he cared about it,” said Drumm

   The fountain has only been installed for a few weeks, the coloration of the pond has changed dramatically. Relieving the ecosystem living there from the deep mud red to a beautiful deep turquoise.

   The animals living off of that supply of water can now safely drink from there. The ducks, frogs, and birds will be happy with this new installation.

   “They learned how to make things happen in a bigger world,” said Drumm. 

   Not only does this help the ecosystem that lives at the pond, but It also gives the pond character and attracts attention to the once muddy place.

   “In the spring when you drive in one day and you see that fountain running you know you did that,” said Drumm.

   “You are never too cool to help your ecosystem,” said Ameen. For more information, read “Science teacher presents admin fountain”

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