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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

Science teacher presents admin fountain


   In recent years, the environment has become an increasingly popular subject matter. Science teacher, Rhonda Drumm, has demonstrated concern for

the health of Northwest High School’s pond. 

   As a part of a partnership with the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), Drumm received a grant to help implement civic education in the classrooms. Drumm’s Freshman and Sophomore biology classes recently presented to Northwest administration, University of Michigan partners, and University of Wisconsin partners. 

   This opportunity has aided Drumm when raising awareness toward the high school’s pond, and the benefits of the fountain. 

   “We invited these people to our classroom to hopefully improve our pond and education,” said Drumm. 

   After researching why the school’s pond is brown, and why the students could not find any microorganisms, the biology class discovered that the oxygen levels are low. 

   After a discussion about what the best move was going forward, the class decided that a fountain would be most beneficial for the environment. 

   Initially, the students practiced their dedicated slide with only Drumm in the room. Then slowly, she had her students present for larger audiences. The preparation process included rehearsing in front of Drumm’s Senior Focus Time class. 

   “It was quite a step outside of their [Freshmen and Sophomores who presented] boxes,” said Drumm. “It is scary to present in front of ‘important’ people.”

  A variety of students volunteered to speak in front of officials to advocate for the pond. Freshman Haylee Ryan has a profound interest in biology and presented to these prestigious universities. 

   “Mrs. Drumm inspired me to give the presentation,’’ said Ryan. “The pond will look so much better than it does now if we receive the fountain.”

Students practicing presentation in Drumm’s classroom (Emma Flynn)

   As of right now, the results of their presentation are unknown. Superintendent Geoff Bontrager is waiting for a proposal from Drumm to continue. 

   “The students and I are determined to make sure that in the spring a fountain is placed in the pond, so stay tuned,” said Drumm. 

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