The Moxie Mountie

Femi Harris spins teacher Jenna Sorenson in the riveting game of pin the bow on the gingerbread man.

Peer connections sells popcorn and goodies to fund activities

Abby Warner, Assistant Editor February 27, 2023

   Tasty treats are a great way to top off lunches, and the Peer Connections program has been selling goodies such as popcorn and brownies all year. Though most students enjoy this, there is more behind...

Sneakers popularity driven by media market, shoes future value

Sneaker’s popularity driven by media market, shoe’s future value

Emma Nelson, Journalist February 15, 2023

   The popularity of sneakers has always been a fad, but more so now, it has become trendy. There are many different types and styles of sneakers to choose from nowadays.    Sneakers are a type...

Northwest group posing in front of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

Group travels around to discover new cultures

Mason Schroeder, Editor-In-Chief February 14, 2023

   Two teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffbauer and Miss Tracy Dryer, both love traveling and want their students to experience the world as they do, so they created a school traveling club.     When...

Be More Kind members hosting a cake walk

Be More Kind Club creates efforts to improve school, recognized by Fox 47 News

Rachel Keeler, Journalist February 14, 2023

   The Be More Kind Club was established at Northwest High School 13 years ago. Teachers established it after participating in the "Be The Change" Challenge Day.    Be More Kind was established...

Senior Kyleigh Tindall works with a customers hair while learning at the career center.

Senior’s childhood passion moves toward future career

Emma Flynn, Feature Editor February 13, 2023

 Trimming hair and applying makeup, facials, and nails is not foreign to Senior Kyleigh Tindall. Because she has been interested in cosmetology since a young age, Tindall is pursuing this passion toward...

Starting school later would benefit teenagers

Starting school later would benefit teenagers

Raegan Foster, Journalist February 13, 2023

   School start times have been debated for years, and moving to a later start has been discussed. Unfortunately, even with the many benefits to students' learning ability and overall health, scheduled...

Recreation of That 70s Show falls short

Recreation of ‘That ’70s Show’ falls short

Raegan Foster, Journalist February 10, 2023

 Most people are aware of the classic sitcom That '70s Show. Which, in turn, has caused a lot of excitement for its sequel, That '90s Show. However, the new show lacks the same connection and often misses...

English teacher Katie Christner instructing her British Literature class on Romeo And Juliet.

Teacher transitions from Gen Ed to STEM

Holliss Rumler, Web Journalist February 8, 2023

   Teaching is teaching, but when learning styles vary, communication will change depending on the audience. For English teacher Katie Christner, this is a new reality. After moving into the STEM program,...

Greenhouse addition helps students better understand the environment

Greenhouse addition helps students better understand the environment

Alondra Mata, News Editor February 8, 2023

   Protecting the environment can be as simple as just joining a club. Often, people assume aiding a helping hand is far more complicated than it really is.    The safest and most effective way...

Educational school trips prove beneficial for students comprehension

Educational school trips prove beneficial for students comprehension

Alondra Mata, News Editor February 8, 2023

   Studies show field trips improve a student's personal development by 74 percent and positively impact their education by 56 percent (     Students tend not to fully understand...

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