Sneaker’s popularity driven by media market, shoe’s future value

Emma Nelson, Journalist

   The popularity of sneakers has always been a fad, but more so now, it has become trendy. There are many different types and styles of sneakers to choose from nowadays.

   Sneakers are a type of luxury wear and easy mix-match to certain outfits. Sneakers are not only used for everyday wear but are also used for sports like basketball. The popularity comes from Chuck Taylor, a professional basketball player who eventually became a Converse Sneakers salesman.

   Those were the first shoes used for basketball back in the 1960s and 1970s. The growing popularity of sneakers became a staple.

   Michael Jordan, a famous professional basketball player who signed a deal with Nike, debuted his Nike Air Force sneaker in 1985. Millions of people started to buy this sneaker, making it desirable for fans who wanted to wear the same shoe as their idol. These shoes then became one of the most popular shoes in history and are still a popular choice today.

     Freshman Caiden Christner loves the variety of choices for footwear.

   “My favorite pair of shoes are my Bleached Coral Jordan 1’s,” said Christner.

   With sneakers being popular in sports, the music industry latched onto this trend. Listeners of music saw their favorite artist wearing a pair of sneakers and immediately wanted them because their idol wore them.

   “I wanted to buy them because it is a hobby I developed, and I just envisioned shoes going with outfits. I wanted to build a collection,” said Christner.

   Some sneakers are featured in movies and became so popular that demand made it possible for real-life versions of these shoes. People now sell and flip shoes for higher prices; for example, Nike Travis Scott Dunks, which retailed for $350 currently being sold for $2,771. Buyers are making tons of money off much cheaper shoes and selling them for more than retail.   

   Sneakers can change more than the footwear category, they can change more than the shoe category, and sneakers have the potential to spread messages that are more than just a fashion statement. Influencers around the world have the power to apply notifications to citizens.