Peer Connections Christmas party proves fun for all

Abby Warner, Editor

During the Peer Connections’ Christmas party, at the cookie-making station, the peers and students make cookies in various shapes of stars, trees, and more. (Abby Warner)
James Moyer-Simons takes to the more calm route of coloring a Christmas picture in bright colors. (Abby Warner)
Zach Kinsora (right) reveals his “guess who” character to Kayshaun Chinevere (left) after a long game. (Abby Warner)
D’Sean Hall finds images in a game of ISPY during the Peer Connections’ Christmas party. (Abby Warner)
Femi Harris spins teacher Jenna Sorenson in the riveting game of pin the bow on the gingerbread man. (Abby Warner)
Peer Travis Lee and Junior Tyler Tyslenko sniff the mystery cups to guess what Christmas scent is inside.
(Abby Warner)
Michael Wenman and Sophomore Kennedy Tapley dance to Christmas tunes at the Peer Connections’ Christmas party. (Abby Warner)
Caden Blu takes his shot at the snowball toss. (Abby Warner)
Rowan Wait makes Ky’Lee Keyes draw four during a game of UNO!        (Abby Warner)