Peer Connections celebrates Valentine’s Day with a party

Abby Warner, Editor

Peers pose with their Gen-ed buddies for a group photo in front of their backdrop and props. (Abby Warner)
Junior Colton Gowdy (right) and Peer Michael Fry play with some of Valentine’s decorations. (Abby Warner)
Sophomore Kennedy Tapley reacts for the camera before her cookie drips on her clothing. (Abby Warner)
Madison David poses for a photo in her outfit that she’s very confident about. (Abby Warner)
Peer James Moyer-Simons (left) and Sophomore Katelyn Davis enjoy their decorated treats. (Abby Warner)
The peers had a cookie station where they decorated stars, bells, and more with frosting and bright sprinkles. (Abby Warner)
Junior Kaelyn Thoman and Alexia Anderson color some Valentine’s pictures (Abby Warner)
Peer Emily Duke and diversity coordinator Gregory Hade eat a snack of popcorn and have a nice chat. (Abby Warner)
Abigail Valente asks junior Ryan Stevens to take a Valentines photo with her. (Abby Warner)
Tatianna Johnston and Aiden Signor build a marble course (Abby Warner)
Peer connections students pose with their Gen Ed buddies for a photo taken by Judith Osterberg. (Abby Warner)
Madison David jokingly asks Junior Colton Gowdy to be her Valentine, and they share a hug and laugh. (Abby Warner)
Junior Kooper Castle takes his shot and misses at the Valentines game. (Abby Warner)
Peers connections teacher Judith Osterberg takes plenty of photos of the Valentines party. (Abby Warner)