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How Taylor Swift became an inspiration and success

Photoshop Credits to Alondra Mata

   American singer, Taylor Swift, has grasped the attention of audiences around the globe. The total gross from the Eras Tour is estimated to be over $1 billion, and Swift’s business acumen is proven to be successful. 

Taylor Swift performing at the Little Caesar’s Arena (Bethany Dietzel)

   In June 2019, turmoil between Swift and her former record label, Big Machine Records, caused Swift to re-record her previous albums. Big Machine Records’ owner, Scooter Braun, sold Swift’s first six masters for over $300 million.

   In efforts to regain copyright access to her music, Swift re-recorded four of the six stolen albums, with plans to re-record the remaining two.

   Junior Olivia (Liv) Lounds has been a fan of Swift since 2017 and resonates heavily with her musical capabilities. 

   “Taylor Swift reshaping her past songs was a phenomenal business move,” said Lounds. “She has gained even more supporters, which I did not even think could be possible, and gets to take back her earnings.”

   Swift has been a powerhouse on Billboard’s Top Charts since 2006 with her debut single, Tim McGraw, and her recent re-recording of the Speak Now album. The recent announcement of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) has caused anticipation in the Taylor Swift fandom. 

   Senior Madelin (Maddy) McPherson recalls the first time she heard one of Swift’s songs. McPherson is excited to hear the new version of 1989. 

   “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) was a masterpiece,” said McPherson. “I cannot even imagine how she [Taylor Swift] will improve even more.” 

   Not only has the announcement of new music caught the attention of Swift’s fanbase, but also the Eras Tour. This tour defines Swift’s musical journey and her growth as a person. 

   The average ticket price for each show was estimated to be $253. People believe this price to be worth the performance they received. 

   Senior Madison Dietzel attended the Eras Tour in June of 2023. 

   “The tickets were definitely well spent,” said Dietzel. “The Eras Tour was extremely surreal, and I felt every emotion whilst watching Taylor Swift perform.”  

   One particular portion of the performance that sticks out to fans is the “surprise songs.” The surprise songs are pieces of Swift’s music that are not already on the setlist. 

   Another part of the Eras Tour that differed the “Swifties” from the rest was the friendship bracelet making. Fans of Swift customized bracelets to trade with other fans at the concert. This signifies the family Swift has created through her music. 

   “The bracelets prove the Taylor Swift fandom to be unstoppable,” said Dietzel. “As a teenager, becoming an adult, she is one of my significant role models.” 

   Swift’s immense impact on newer and older generations has contributed to her success. The money made represents Swift’s business abilities, and her powerful fanbase.

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