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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

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The student news site of Northwest High School in Jackson, Michigan

The Moxie Mountie

Whats Wheely Goin On

Logo for Todd Affarano’s show, Spin To WIn

  October 12, 2023. The first airing of Spin to Win was shown on the Mountie Nation Station (MNS) YouTube channel, and along with it the beautiful Senior that is Todd Affarano showed us the bright colorful wheel we are all familiar with today. 

   Affarano was growing bored and knew he wanted to do something different this year. His original show Totally Accurate Weather was just not cutting it in the excitement department, so when he saw that Renaissance had a decommissioned prize wheel a light bulb went off in his brain. 

Todd Affarano posing with his beloved wheel. (Joseph Tobey-Cook)

   “I thought I could do a game show but it would take a lot of time and editing so I was wondering what is a way that I can connect with students while still doing the goofy videos I enjoy doing. I then saw the wheel,” said Affarano. And with a little bit of inspiration from another series, Isaiah In The Halls, Spin To Win came to be.

   Sophomore Noah Thomas, the cameraman of Spin To Win, is happy to be behind the camera of Affarano’s show and says that the show has many great things in store for the viewers of MNS. 

   “We have production value,” said Thomas, “Todd has high standards meaning that our show will never have a bad episode.” 

   To go along with this, the student director of MNS, Kennedy Tapley had a couple of things to say about Affarono’s show. Tapley mentioned that he is well-spoken and holds himself high which she says is a key part of being a great host.

   “I think the spontaneity of the show is what makes it really stand out, although it’s easily compared to Isaiah in the halls, it holds a concept that viewers have not seen on Mountie Nation Station,” said Tapley. “Spin to Win also gives contestants a sense of choice when it comes to what they are supposed to do by being allowed to spin the wheel for themselves.”

   Affarano wishes to eventually increase the budget of the show to not only the prize pool but also the variety and difficulty of the challenges while still keeping the show brief and lighthearted. 

   One of the goals that Affarano was hoping to achieve when he made Spin to Win was to be able to serve as a hook for all the other shows that are aired on MNS while also showing off as many students and creating lots of funny little moments with each of them.

  Since its beginning, Spin To Win has had an amazing impact on MNS and in the world of all Mounties. It may be up to fate what will happen with the show but there is no doubt that Affarano will do a great job of leading it.

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