Dolls to Adult

15 year old transitions to women hood

Kelsey Hogan , Web Journalist

A Quinceañera is the gathering of friends and family to honor the transition for a girl to woman in the Hispanic heritage. The celebration usually consists of  God, music, food, dancing and presents for the young woman.

Some students in the Northwest community have participated in these events.

“I was in one of my best friends quinces and it was so amazing, I watched my friend dance with her father,  cut her cake and much more,” said sophomore Cassandra Flores. “We danced, ate, and all enjoyed watching my friend transition into a woman.”

The festivity typically begins with a religious ceremony. During the party, there is a custom called the last doll ritual, this ritual is where the Quinceañera chooses her favorite doll and gifts it to a younger female sibling or family member. This represents the girl leaving childhood and entering adulthood. Later on comes a father daughter dance, this dance symbolizes the first dance the girl has with her father as a young woman.

“I think the most memorable moment was the father daughter dance, it was really cool to see my friend and her father share such an important moment together,” said sophomore Cecelia Klee.

The gathering takes a lot of planning such as who to invite, where to have the ceremony, and what food.

“I was in my cousins Quince and I saw how much planning they put into it but all their planning paid off cause it was so fun and special,” said Klee.

The cost of the celebration can get pricy, depending on the family and their budget. Typically each Quinceañera consists of decorations, a place to hold the festivity, dresses and tiaras. Some families choose to pay for dance lessons for the girl and her closest friends.

The celebration  just gives the young ladies companionship an insight to her becoming a woman and becoming more independent.