New class lets students excel

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

The new school year brings fresh and exciting classes for students. Multi Media Literature, taught by Mrs. Soper, is a new class for students to discuss the similar topics in different ways.

Students enjoy the freedom of being able to choose a book with a corresponding movie of their choice. It also gives them a class that is easy to connect with and relax in.

“I enjoy the class a lot,” said freshmen Will Woodruff. “It is different from all the others, so it is a nice break from the regular core classes.”

Even though it is an elective, this class teaches many skills taken from the Common Core.

“One of the Common Core standards is comparing literature in different forms,” said Soper. “For instance, we just did ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass,’ so we read parts of it and then watched both the cartoon and Tim Burton versions.”

Students are learning to compare and contrast many different types of literature. One example is listening to rap music, explaining why they are important, and how they are considered literature.

When comparing different types of literature the students analyze various visions of the same topic. This will help them gain a new perspective on literature.