Paper vs Digital

Digital reading through applications such as IBooks

Kelsey Thomas

Digital reading through applications such as IBooks

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

Before the Kindle, Ereader, and iPad, books were the main source of reading. Over the years many people have been switching over to digital books, leaving paperbacks and hard covers in the dust.

“I received the Kindle as a gift,” said language teacher Mrs. Kane. “I did not enjoy it at first, but I use it out of convenience. Books tend to be cheaper in digital format and I can get them easily without having to go to a library or book store.”

Even though the books may be cheaper online, there are still many pros and cons to a digital reader. The screens may light up, but not all of them are completely visible in the dark, only the newer and more expensive kindles have that ability.

Books, also do not need a charger to be carried around with them and reading from a book for so long will not strain some one’s eyes as much. Reading from a book can be done more often without restrictions.

“In a book, you get into the story more,” said junior Faith Boulter. “You can see the words written out and turn each page into a new adventure. With a tablet, all you are able to do is hold it.”

Whether it is reading on a book or Ereader, everyone still has the ability to enjoy a book and get lost in their own imagination.

“I love escaping into another world while reading a book. It’s fun to explore and imagine the worlds that authors create and develop,” said Kane. “A great thing about reading is you get to create an image in your own mind from the words the author uses.”

There is not a big difference between a screen and a page, but people do have their preferences. No matter what they choose, they can always get lost in a good book.