Head start toward future

Students take dual enrollment through nearby colleges

Head start toward future

Michael Layher, Web Journalist

Through many locations such as Jackson College, Baker College, Lansing Community College, and Spring Arbor University, students are able to sign up for dual enrollment courses.

“Dual Enrollment is the term we use for students being able to take college classes while in high school,” said junior class counselor Mrs. Lige. “They’re enrolled in and taking classes at two different schools.”

Any student can dual enroll anywhere if they have specific school in mind. Classes are taken online or, depending on where to student lives, in the class if they wish to commute.

“We encourage [students] to get their prerequisites, such as communications or history, out of the way,” said Lige. “Anything a student really wants to do can be taken through dual enrollment,”

Other students, like junior Alyssa Stull, chose to take courses based off their future careers like psychology or medical terminology to get ahead in their academics in college.

“Currently, I’m taking communications online through Jackson College,” said Stull. “I chose this course because it has to do with the career I want to go into, speech pathology, and also because it was highly recommended by the counselors.”

On average, each discussion in the course is around 10 minutes and both quizzes and exams can take up to an hour.

“Taking a college class in high school is really beneficial,” said Stull. “I plan to take a different dual enrollment course next year so that I’m better prepared for college.”

Counselors are able to view available classes in May and registration is usually offered in the summer if a student is interested in dual enrollment in the first trimester.