Sports counting toward gym credit

Kelsey Hogan, Web Journalist

Students who participate in a sport may feel dragged down when they see gym on their class schedule. Many feel that since they participate in a sport they should not have to take gym as a credit to graduate.

“When I’m on the soccer field I give all my effort to the sport I love. I don’t feel as if I should be taking a gym class as well to graduate,” said senior Alec Richmond.

Physical Education is a requirement for all scholars. Allowing students to count a sport as a credit toward their graduation process will help them catch up on missed class requirements.

“I think it would be a great idea for sports to be counted as a gym credit for students, “said sophomore Cecelia Klee. “Athletes put their heart and soul into a game or practice and give that extra physical activity to better themselves.”

The class could help teens catch up on their credits if they are behind or it could help them get ahead.

“I think it would be good, if perhaps you are behind, you could have that extra trimester to get caught up. Or if you want to do another required class instead, you can get ahead of the game”, said sophomore Loren Mason Jr.

Some teenagers tend to work very hard for their sport and put a lot of time effort into it to better themselves and their team.

Sports teams are not required and most people choose to play them for their own enjoyment, but if gym is required and students have to participate in it, they most likely would not try as hard as they would for their game, because they are required to take the class and it is not by choice  like sports teams are.