Using classes full potential

Senior Thomas Locke takes majority of the computer classes offered.

Kelsey Thomas , Web Journalist

In the 21st century, technology has boomed from what it used to be. Thus opening new career opportunities to students throughout the world.

Computer teacher Mr. Baker teaches five different courses that offer students to become connected and informed about technology. This gives them the ability to do more by themselves instead of having to wait and pay for others to do fix it.

“There is always a benefit to learning something new, especially with technology because we rely on it so heavily,” said senior Thomas Locke.

Locke has taken many classes offered by Baker, including an independent study, System Administration, and Cyber Security at the Career Center.

Every student in the school has the amazing chance to learn new information that is most likely help some time in the future. This includes learning about different software’s, online applications, and how computers are constructed.

“A comfort level of working with technology will help students in all of their professional and personal pursuits after school,” said Baker.

Each year the world of technology grows more and more. Meaning jumping into the tech world now will open many new paths of life for people.