Student government encourages new ideas

Ryleigh Wright, Web Editor-in-Chief

Student government has been busy this year with different school functions. The group meets weekly to update and stay organized with all the events that they make possible.

“We gather different ideas, then vote for what we want,” said student body president Madison Howe.

Although most festivities are usually done annually, there is much encouragement for new thoughts.

“Get involved at the meetings and say what you want,” said Howe. “In a lot of times, people wouldn’t speak up, but they’d have really good ideas that they’d come to later. There is no harm in letting your ideas flow. It really helps the group.”

Student government is always looking for new creative ideas, whether they are requests from dress up days, or a proposal of how to make school a better experience and place for students.

“Although there may be people who are afraid to become full committed, we welcome guests during meetings,” said Howe.

Student government is looking forward to the month April for putting on the talent show and the last blood drive of the year.