Construction update and reminders

Alec Richmond, Web Editor in Chief

Excavation around the Education Center.

To help alleviate some trapped storm water, Northwest Community Schools is excavating in and existing drainage ditch on our property that is connected to a county drain field. This will help with water absorption making the land around the are drier.

High School Baseball and Softball Fields. 

Please note the road on the west side of the high leading to the baseball and softball fields is reserved for visiting teams buses, handicap vehicles and umpire parking only. All other spectators are to use the band or gym lot for parking.

Tennis Court Relocation. 

The first phase of our new tennis courts was started with excavating on the west side of the high school band parking lot. To obtain the desired base and elevation, top soil and sub grade is being completed first. This will provide a prime location with ample parking for all of our tennis meets.

High School Drive.

For safety reasons additional excavation will be done at the end of the high school drive on Van Horn Road. The existing hill will be taken down a little further to improve the visibility for entering and exiting vehicles.

Excess dirt from the above project will be used to create a wide walkway on the back side of Beattie Pond. Wood chips or stone dust will be used to finish off the new walkway. John Bailey of Bailey Construction will be donating large stones, trees, marsh grasses, and crushed stone to finish the ecology pond project.

As areas are cleared, there will be new planting of trees, shrubs, and grasses. Our goal is to be purposeful in our landscaping design and decisions.