Externship preparation class learns life saving skills


Ryleigh Wright

Senior Denny Blashcko and Athletic Trainer Dave Brock demonstrate the Heimlich Maneuver.

Ryleigh Wright, Web Editor-in-chief

Seniors are capable of learning realistic life skills before graduation by taking the externship class. This class is only offered to seniors to help them get ready for their next chapter in life.

“We do everything from resumes, cover letters, reference pages, applications, interview skills, and job shadowing,” said Externship adviser Miss Hade.

In addition to their job related lessons, the students are taught CPR and go through a four hour training process.

“[This class] will give me a better outlook on my future,” said senior Konnor Iott. “I hope to become a police officer.”

There are multiple jobs, in which being CPR certified is beneficial.

“I think [being CPR certified] is an important skill to have regardless of age,” said Athletic Trainer Dave Brock. “If anyone needs help, they are able to be helped.”

Some careers do require being CPR certified, so this gives students a chance to get a head start into their profession.

“It’s a useful skill for the profession I plan on having,” said Iott. “I have to learn it, so it’s better for it to be sooner than later.”

Knowing the skill of CPR, an ordinary person could save a life one day in an emergency situation.