Haunted houses carry seasonal tradition among students

Haunted houses carry seasonal tradition among students

Hadley Callebs, Journalist

Haunted Houses have been an October tradition for decades. In most well made Haunted Houses, there is a rush of excitement, fear, and curiosity, but they affect people in different ways based on the individual’s limits.

Haunted Houses are so popular because they tend to attract people who have a high fear threshold.  Others like them for the effort put in, visual effects, and watching people get scared.

“I like the feeling of adrenaline when you don’t know what is coming next,” said junior Abbey Ferguson. “It is something fun to do with friends, and it is hilarious to see how others react to being scared.”

Popular Haunted Houses include, Jackson’s Underworld, Shawhaven Haunted  Farm in Mason, and The Bone Yard in Stockbridge.

“I like the edgy feel of knowing anything could happen at any twist or turn,” said sophomore Chris Boyer.

Some Haunted Houses use the names of the people who come through. This factor increases the personal connection during the experience, ultimately making it feel more fun.

“Having smoke from a smoke machine with real people trying to scare you is always better,” said Boyer. “A group of three to five is the best in my opinion, being in the front is ideal because you have the satisfaction of know you are leading your group through the scares.”

Some people do not like being scared, therefore  they tend to stray away from Haunted Houses.

“Haunted Houses are way too scary for me,” said freshman Sawyer Tooley. “I don’t like when people that look like zombies, ghouls, or maniacs come jumping out of random places screaming at me, but it is pretty funny to see someone other than me gets scared.”

Haunted Houses represent something different to everyone. To some people they are fun and enjoyable, and to others they are just scary.

All photos by Sydney Rhines, taken at Jackson’s Underworld.