Positive outlook leads to positive lifestyle

Maddie Perrin, Video Editor

Thought. It is the essence that controls the many pieces to the puzzle of life. Whether one chooses to believe so or not, thoughts alone can determine the type of life one leads.

Positive outlooks lead down a path that is filled with happiness and prosperity,  while negative thoughts can lead down a road of depression and pain.

“It’s easy to get distracted, or to be down, or to feel frustrated,” said English teacher Mrs. Rebecca Bortnichak. “If you find something positive in the day then the day is worth living.”

What many individuals fail to understand is that they are in control of their thoughts, which ultimately determines the type of life they have.

This ability to choose positive thoughts over negative ones is difficult to achieve, especially when life throws so many obstacles in the way.

When one must face adversity, it is easier to get through it when possessing a positive mindset.

“If you look hard enough, there is always something to look forward to, even in difficult situations,” said Bortnichak. ” You hold onto that.”

The good news is, the mind, where one’s thoughts originate from, can be trained just like a muscle.

The first step is deciding to think more positively and choosing not to turn back. But, like a muscle, one cannot train the mind once and expect immediate results.

“Take a break from whatever is overwhelming you,” said Bortnichak. “This is a great way to come back and tackle whatever is interfering with your  positive outlook.”

An individual’s thoughts not only affects themselves, but it also influences the environment and others around them.

“When you hang around positive people, you tend to feed off the vibe that they give out,” said History teacher Mr. Scott Guilfoil. “That’s why it’s important to have positive thoughts and a positive mindset.”

It is no secret that people are naturally drawn to happiness, which is why it is so crucial to give off positive vibes. The energy that one chooses to exert is the energy one receives back from the world.

“You can sit back and wait for life to happen, but it is never going to just come,” said Bortnichak. “Life is to be lived and when you make the decision to live it, you begin to see the benefits and blessing that life has to offer.”