Simulation mobile games recommended for students

Gabe Riley, Entertainment Editor

No matter the place of time mobile apps are a great way to entertain yourself with games. This is what happens when a player participates in the creation of a ‘plague’ in the award winning mobile app “Plague Inc.”.

Bringing death upon the people of the world by poisoning the masses merely to entertain oneself when bored. This app allows players to create various diseases to unleash into the world in an attempt to destroy all life on Earth.

“Plague Inc.” is renowned for its difficulty, strategy and realistic simulations that are placed within the game. The entire goal of the game is widespread death of all humans, but that does not mean the humans cannot fight back.

If the public is made aware of the plague, they will immediately start working on a cure to stop you. “Plague Inc.” is a great game that truly tests the player’s strategy building in a new way that can frustrate and entertain.

The game is known for the advanced simulation given the many scenarios and obstacles that are faced. These obstacles can be random upgrades in health standards or weather patterns that may or may not be taken advantage of.

Another simulation app that is relatively new is “Fallout Shelter”. This game is based upon the game series Fallout and like the original games. The application originates in a world demolished by nuclear warfare leaving the land inhabitable.

The incapability of living on the surface led to the creation of ‘Fallout Shelters’, in which the player is able to create and mold within this app. “Fallout Shelter” gives the player the task of creating their sanctuary and maintaining peace and happiness among its residents.

“Fallout Shelter” becomes much more when random attacks and fires in rather strange locations and people within your base start messing with your setup. Then it becomes a game of trying to keep the people inside of your shelter from self destructing and also protecting them from those that would see your shelter destroyed.

The final simulation is known as the infamously difficult and hilarious “Surgeon Simulator”. Like the PC edition, the game places the player into the shoes of an amateur surgeon, Nigel Burke.

He attempts to help his patient with numerous transplants such as eye and teeth transplant. Unfortunately, Burke is widely considered inadequate in the skill of hand movement.

Players are lead to be tasked in navigating his hands and tools properly in order to save the patient or end the patient in a typically grotesque and painful manner.

All three of these incredible mobile applications are at the top of the simulation genre on both the Apple App Store and Google’s Google Play store. Even with “Surgeon Simulator”, “Fallout Shelter” and “Plague Inc.” being at the top level of the stores, the popularity given to them cannot show how spectacular these games are.