Looking into the future

Presenters give students an insight to their jobs

Ryleigh Wright, Web Editor-in-Chief

The Find your Career Fair will be held on Dec. 18. This is a day to exposed students to a variety of careers that they would like to look at for their future.

“I’ve had the help of the staff top help me find people to present,” said coordinator Mrs. Abby Tanner.

Representatives from all six career pathways, which are arts and communication, business, managing, marketing, and technology, engineering and manufacturing and industrial technology, health sciences, human services, and natural resources and agriscience. They will be telling about how they worked up to the position they are in today. They will also inform students about the basics of their job.

After the students visit with three different presenters, they will return to their seminar and discuss the things they learned and found interesting.

Later, there will be a showing of an educational documentary called Most Likely to Succeed. This story follows a school that teaches in a way that is very different from an ordinary school setting.

“This piggy backs on with finding your career,” said Tanner. “Part of [the film] looks at the skills that are needed for their futures.”

Tanner plans to discuss the skills needed for students’ future careers and how these skills can be taught more in the class room.