Bonding community together

Superintendent creates positive attitude for district

“Greetings Mountie Nation!” is the well known slogan of Superintendent Mr. Geoff Bontrager’s mass phone call to students’ homes. Though students mock the repeated line, Bontrager has established a new attitude for Northwest Community Schools by leading them into the “Direction of Greatness”.

Since Bontrager became superintendent back in July of 2012 the district has had a new found attitude. When the bond passed in 2013, the community’s pride only grew stronger.

With the facilities’ being new and inviting, enrollment has drastically increased and a family-like bond has been formed throughout the community. According to, Northwest gained over 150 students within the 2014-2015 school year.

Over the past few years, classes and programs have gained more recognition and support from staff and students who have put in more effort to help improve the reputation of the schools.

Northwest has developed into a place where students who give the effort and time can succeed towards their dream career path. Supportive staff helps individuals to obtain goals in many areas of education.

Bontrager has made Northwest a place where the community feels needed and included. He has created a new attitude toward the district. Students and staff are now proud to call themselves Mounties and to be a part of Mountie Nation.

The publicity of  billboards along several highways in Jackson, the Pandora and radio advertisements, and with the help of WILX’s Schools Rule segment, Northwest has become well known across the state.

Bontrager has shown that, with confidence and determination, a whole community can come together and form a large family.