Running club conditions off-season athlete

Maddie Swope, Web Journalist

Running Club, a program currently in its third year, offers off season athletes a chance to condition for upcoming spring sports.

Each year the club begins in November, but students who want to participate are welcome to join any time.

Senior Devon Walsh has been in running club since it was established in 2013.

“The club was started by Mrs. Kane,” said Walsh. “We meet in her room after school.”

Running Club, unlike several extracurricular activities in the high school, is open to both high school and middle school students.

“Right now we only have about ten consistent members,” said senior Todd Moody. “We know there are more off season athletes, especially runners, who aren’t coming, but we’re hoping to grow.”

Running club is not solely based on runners, it offers different kinds of training each day of the week.

“On Mondays, we run a long distance run,” said Moody. “On Tuesdays, we cross train, and on Thursdays, we do a speed workout.”

The variety of activities allows athletes to excel in all features of their performance.

“It’s really just something to do after school that helps you stay in shape.” said Walsh.

Running Club meets Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school in Mrs. Kane’s room (207).