No Drama here!

Teacher creates welcoming environment, impacts students

Hadley Callebs, Journalist

When someone has nobody to turn to in their time of need, they may go to their ‘safe place.’
For drama members who are feeling blue or need guidance they go to Drama Club Advisor Mr. Carey Collins.
Collins knows it is important for high school students to have a place they can truly feel safe, know people care, and know they are not alone.
Collins provides that place for the students in the Drama Club.
“I have known multiple students who do not have anywhere they can feel safe, and not worry about people judging them and talking about them behind their backs,” said Collins. “It makes me happy to know that I can provide a place they can feel safe and accepted. I enjoy watching how my drama kids treat each other kindly and watch them establish trust with each other.”
One of the games Collins used as an ice breaker to help Drama Club members create understanding, friendships, and emotional bonds is the line game. It also makes everyone aware that many people have been through the same struggles as each other.
For most, knowing that at least one person has the same problems is enough to make them feel better and not as lonely.
Most people in Drama Club view each other like a family instead of just friends.
“Mr. Collins treats us like his kids, not his students,” said junior Sydney Jones. “When you’re able to connect with people and get to know people the way Collins gets everyone to know each other, you become family. It is also nice how he’s very open with us and trusts us with some of his personal information.”
Collins gets involved with his students and treats them with respect as much as he possibly can. He shares jokes with them and does what he can to keep the family of the Drama Club together.
“When we are done with the play, I want for [the members] to continue to hangout and say hi to each other,” said Collins. “I want for [the members] to continue to treat each other with kindness. I know that once we are done some may not stay friends, but I hope the majority will.”
Collins has the ability to be a teacher students can go to for help and advice.
“Mr. Collins does a very good job of making a safe and accepting environment for everyone,” said junior Pauline Balansag. “He is one of the only teachers I can go to about anything. When I was asking him what theater means to him he said that it is about acceptance, which really says something.”