Class inspires alumna

Ryleigh Wright, Web Editor-in-Chief

Hadleigh Buchler, 2015 alumna, has been continually returning to the high school to work with current students. She has been an assistant to special education teacher Mrs. Judy Osterberg’s class.
“My inspiration came from peer connections,” said Hadleigh. “It was one of the best classes I had ever taken in high school.”
Peer connections is designed for students with mildly and moderate cognitive impairments to work with other non-impaired classmates.
The class was able to give her insight to one of the possible careers., and now she is majoring in education.
“Ever since she was five years old, she had a play classroom in the basement,” said father and Principal Mr. Scott Buchler. “She has always wanted to be a teacher.”
While studying at Lansing Community College, she has decided to join Mrs. Osterberg’s class every Wednesday to spend time with the students.
“Hadleigh chose us. She came to me and asked if she could come back, and I said absolutely,” said Osterberg.
When Hadleigh comes in to assist the class, she is able to get more experience with the students in a common classroom environment.
“When we do small group activities, Hadleigh will be assigned a small group and she will lead the group,” said Osterberg. “When we do a lesson as a whole group, she will sit next to a student who might need some assistance.”
As Hadleigh spends more time with the students, she is surrounded by their positivity. She looks forward to experiencing their company.
“[The students] love coming to school,” said Hadleigh. “They are excited to learn, so it’s nice to be teaching when they are looking forward to learning and taking in the information.”
Hadleigh not only teaches her students, but is learning from them as well.
“Seeing the students is the best part,” said Hadleigh. “They make such an impact in my life and I am truly blessed to work with them.”
Because of the environment Hadleigh has grown up in, she wants to make sure her future students are able to experience similar occurrences.
“Teachers really do make a difference,” said Hadleigh. “My teachers were some of the people who have been my inspiration over the years. I want to be a teacher to other kids like my teachers were to me.”
Hadleigh is still undecided of which kind of education she will teach after graduating, so she is accommodating both of her passions to be versatile in her future. When she graduates, she will be certified in special education as well as general education.
“For my students, I just want them to know how much I care,” said Hadleigh. “I want them to remember that at the end of the day when they leave, I will always be there for them.”
Hadleigh will be transferring to Michigan State University next fall to complete her degree in education.