Lighting up the darkness in life

Kelsey Thomas, News Editor

The idea of hope is something that pushes people through even the hardest of times. Being hopeful for others can also give them the strength to push through anything in life. This is what Vincent Van Gogh was trying to depict through his painting, Starry Night.

Van Gogh was showing that even in a dark night, like it is in the painting, it is still possible to see light from the windows of the houses and all the shining stars filling the sky. They represent that there will always be light to guide you along the way.
Having a glimpse of hope in life is something special that should never be let go.
My light turned out to be someone I still call my best friend, and definitely my sister today. She has been there to hold me when I cry and keep me happy each day.
The only thing I have ever wanted to do is thank her for all she has done for me.
Since sixth grade we have been the closest any pair could be. We have spent multiple days at a time together and would make sure to hug each other every morning. She would make sure that every day would be the best I could have.
Even though we have had our fights and problems with one another, I will always look to her for hope. She is the stars in my dark night and I could not imagine going through middle and high school without her.
Between all the bullies and stress, she always finds a way to give me the strength to push through it all. With her near me I know I will never be in a bad mood.
She would cheer me up when I was at my lowest and never let me become sad for the rest of the day. I never thought I would find someone as amazing as she is, but now I have the sweetest and most outgoing friend.
I am at my happiest when we are together and when we are apart I can only hope that she is still as happy as she can be. She is one of the most amazing person anyone could ask for as a best friend.
Without her the world be darker than it is now. She is the hopeful light for so many people besides me and I know she has impacted them in many ways like she has me.
Throughout life I hope I never lose contact with her. Our friendship will forever mean the world to me. Like Van Gogh’s painting, she will forever be my “Starry Night.” Thank you.

Starry NightPainting by Vincent Van Gogh