Mountie Mentors

Northwest alumni take over coaching positions for bowling program

Myranda Dillay, Photographer

Being led into the season by Northwest alumni, the bowling team is learning from not only experience but from people that understand their school system.
Bowling became a high school sport in the Jackson Community 15 years ago. Gerry Lobdell was the first coach for Northwest.
“The bowling program was started by Jackson as a whole by a gentleman named Mel Wolf, in 2001, who was a long time Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) member that was from Jackson. He passed away a few years ago, but he wanted to bring bowling to the Jackson area,” said Lobdell. “He did all the leg work to go to all the high schools to get all the athletic directors on board. He created all the teams in the Jackson area that year.”
Lobdell, a Northwest graduate, spent his final winter sport season playing both bowling and wrestling. However, the year following his graduation, he was offered a position on the coaching staff for the high school.
“After my senior year of bowling, Andy, our coach, was unable to commit full time and they didn’t have anybody,” said Lobdell. “Mel approached me and I took it over and have been here ever since.”
Lobdell, however, is not the only coach coming from the Northwest backgroud. Having graduated in the 2013-2014 school year, assistant coach Corey Daniels is bringing his own expertise.
“Gerry, the head coach, approached me last fall with a coaching vacancy. I had always wanted to become a coach in the future, but I never thought that soon,” said Daniels. “When he approached me I figured why not give back to the program that gave so much to me as a student athlete. So, I accepted the position.”
Creating a stronger bond than ever before, Daniels and Lobdell have made their relationship work well in their coaching positions.
“Corey and I developed a really close relationship even when he was in high school, he stood up with me at my wedding, but he has transitioned well. I see a lot of myself in him,” said Lobdell. “Corey is a very elite player that came through Northwest and I was very fortunate to have even just a little bit of his mind involved with the program.”
Alongside Daniels and Lobdell, new assistant coach Tracey Jahr was recently added to the team of coaches.
There are a lot of techniques that the new coaches plan to introduce to the program, as well as help each of their bowlers perfect their own skills.
With past experience in the program the new coaches hope to improve Northwest bowling and plan for a season of success.