Robotics team 2611 advances to regionals


Gabe Riley

Senior Aaron Heath is spying to the drive team to direct the robot.

Gabe Riley, Entertainment Editor

The F.I.R.S.T. Robotics 2016 season is in full swing. Team number 2611, The Jacktown Vectors, has been rolling through this season.

Stronghold is a game where robotics can navigate several obstacles which are chosen by the opposite team or the crowd. Once past certain obstacles the robot can pick up large balls to either throw into a tower or roll it into the bottom.

This year team 2611 has been going strong only losing in the final round in the tournament at Mason High School in Mason. The group is moving on to Mason High School in Mason for their second match this year.

Mentor and teacher John Riedeman has high hopes for this season after scoring very well in the second competition the team attended.

“We figured out what went wrong last time so now we can solve the problems we have had,” said Riedeman. “We may fail but we will fix it every time, we fail faster to rebuild better”

The “fail faster” slogan is leading this team into the success and a winning robot.

For more information on the team, click here.

The video above explains how the competition works.