Spanish Club embraces time about culture


Courtesy of Mrs. Rebecca Moulton

Grade eight Aria Ward telling about her time spent in Spain.

Lauren Hale, Opinion Editor

For more than 20 years, Spanish Club has been held for all those interested in the Spanish language. Currently it is held once or twice a month, usually on Tuesdays in room 211.

Spanish teacher Mrs. Rebecca Moulton has been the advisor for several years. She sets up different activities for all in attendance. These include Spanish games, cooking lessons, dances, and music.

In the past, there have been several guest speakers such as junior Gabe Arthur who presented his trip to Spain. Also included are foreign exchange students and other students that have traveled to Spanish speaking countries.

“[The goal] is for students to get together and practice Spanish, learn about the culture and socialize,” said Moulton.

Students have also taken trips after school to various Spanish restaurants and Spanish themed movies such as The Book of Life.

While it is known as a ‘club’, the meetings are open to everyone including first year Spanish students from the middle school level.

Currently, the next meeting is planned to be held when students return from spring break.