Channeling new passions

Senior Ben Shaw discovers interest in vlogging


Audri Chenoweth

Shaw records a vlog using Miss Marnie Hade’s braodcast room. His video features a big announcement for his fans.

Amya Case, Co-Editor in Chief

Senior Ben Shaw has been making YouTube videos since his freshman year but he has recently decided to change the content.
Bennjamight, Shaw’s channel, has two vlogs uploaded to it. One vlog is about the time that he spent at band camp in early August and the other is an introduction video to his channel.
Shaw started out his channel as a freshman by posting videos of him talking about Pokémon.
“I used to watch a lot of YouTube and I said, ‘Why not? Let’s just see how this goes,’” said Shaw.
In August Shaw deleted all his old videos and decided to redo his channel.
“Everyone has that idea, that they should make a YouTube channel, but no one really does it, so, I thought I should give it a try,” said Shaw.
Justin Escalona, an 18 year old filmmaker from Chicago, is a big inspiration to Shaw..
Shaw and Escalona have a similar theme for their channel with vlogs and a similar editing style.
“When I see someone do something super cool or hard to do it gives me ideas for a new recording,” said Shaw.
He would like to make more vlogs and eventually even do a ‘Year in the life’ video for his channel.
It takes Shaw about 2 hours to edit and put together his videos, and he is still learning how to properly edit his videos.
“A hard thing for me is looking into the numbers. Seeing how many views I have, or when you say, ‘Oh I could have done better on that.’ You can kind of get down on yourself,” said Shaw.
Shaw’s friends are always there for support. Senior Luke Wilson is one of Shaw’s close friends who watches the channel.
“[Shaw’s channel is] a work in progress, but it’s something he is really passionate about so I think it’s pretty cool,” said Wilson.
He describes Shaw’s videos as funny and thinks the channel is cool.
“His videos are pretty funny for just being vlogs,” said Wilson.

Shaw’s passion for film making, became a love of his.
“I kinda fell in love with film making,” said Shaw.
He would like to take film making to the next level and make it into a career by working at a news publication such as Hypebeast or Complex News.