Honoring students; NHS inducts new members

Amya Case, Co-Editor in Chief

With 111 people in the group, National Honor Society (NHS) is seeing an increase from last year’s induction.

NHS is an organization where students help serve the community and learn to grow as leaders.

The group is working to change the way they run things and make it different than previous years.

“This year I hope for everyone to be very involved and help each other grow,” said NHS Adviser Mrs. Randi Watts.

Students in NHS have a required eight hours of service hours.

“This year I want to people to see their service hours not as a mandatory thing but as something they want to do,” said NHS president, Senior Gabe Arthur.

Members of NHS will be volunteering at many events such as helping at Allegiance Health Hospital, tutoring, and the Elementary school talent show.

“I think NHS is becoming more popular throughout the school,” said Arthur. “I think more people see that we’re doing good things and want to be a part of it.”

More people have been hearing about the opportunities NHS has been involved in and have wanted to join.

“NHS looks for four things in people; service, leadership, scholarship and character,” said NHS Adviser Mr. Dean Menegay.

In order to be in NHS students should display those characteristics.

“The honest reason people sign up for NHS is because it looks good on college applications, but most people who sign up for that reason end up enjoying it for other reasons, participating in events that NHS puts on and working with people who have similar traits,” said Menegay.

The induction of the new NHS members took place on Nov. 8 at 5:30 p.m. in the cafetorium.