Vine eliminates the option of letting users post


Phia Papenbroock, Journalist

The social media platform Vine, a place where people upload six second long clips, launched three years ago. The app creators have decided to shut it down in the next coming months due to a decreasing number of users.

After Instagram allowed people to post videos in June of 2013 and Snapchat became popular, Vine’s user number dropped rapidly. Since the beginning of the year, downloads of the app declined 55 percent.

“Marketers began shifting their money away from Vine, and stars followed,” said a former executive of Vine in an interview with the media network “The Verge”.

Some of the ‘Vine stars’ started using other media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to promote themselves.

“Well, Vine may be going away, but this means I get to focus ALL my energy on YouTube! Hope you don’t mind seeing my comedy in long form!” Vine star Thomas Sanders tweeted recently.

“It’s so surprising to me that Vine has to shut down because it used to be so popular in the past years. I personally never really got into Vine but everyone loved it so it’s quite weird that the user number dropped so rapidly,” said senior Gabrielle Piotrowski.

9.4 million people decided to follow Logan Paul within the last two years as he uploaded regularly and is one of the most successful users on Vine. Paul dropped out of Ohio State University in 2014, and gave up his career as an engineer to fully concentrate on doing Vines.

“I really like Vine because the videos are always pretty funny, and I like to watch them when I’m bored,” said sophomore Nicola Oliver. “It surprised me quite a lot that it has to shut down, but I guess you will still find other funny stuff on Instagram or Facebook.”

Some of the videos, which were uploaded in the last three years, have been shared billions of times and highlighted rising talents like Shawn Mendes or Ruth B. There are many creators who have built entire careers on this platform.

The company stated on Oct. 27 that the website and the app will stay available for users to view and download Vines, but users will not be able to post any longer.