Outstanding Mountie Awards, Academic Awards given to students on Nov. 17


Audri Chenoweth

Senior Logan Frewen shakes Watts’ hand as he is given his third year academic award pin.

One year ago Dean of Students Mrs. Amanda Anspaugh came up with the idea of the Outstanding Mountie Awards (OMA). These awards were given out to students who went above and beyond expectations by helping students, teachers, or parents without being asked.

Anspaugh came up with the idea of the OMA one day while thinking about the other awards given out to the elementary and middle school. She realized that the high school did not have such awards as the other buildings.

“Last year, I had this vision where I wanted to find a way to honor the students in a positive way that encompasses the culture and the climate we are trying to create here at Northwest,” said Anspaugh.

At the ceremony, students and teachers are acknowledged for receiving an award, and they collect the prize from the teacher or staff member who nominated them.

Junior Emily Simone was one the students who received the College and Career Excellence Award.

That award represents many personal and professional attributes such as loyalty, integrity, honesty and hard work.

“The award made me feel as though I was leaving a mark, I was being noticed for whom I was and what I stand for. It also affected my attitude immensely, ” said Simone. “It made me realize I wasn’t just another student, and that no one should feel that way. What you do is noticed, so be the best you can be, be who you want to be.”

These awards are meant to continuously encourage students to continue to go above and beyond, to push them to do the best of their ability.

There will be several ceremonies for the OMA, which include other academic awards.