Students need to respect the new facilities


Sydney Bowler

The updated gym after the passing of the bond.

Amya Case, Co-Editor in Chief

In 2013 a bond was passed that helped improve the school’s cafeteria, bathrooms, and more, yet around the school these new facilities have been disrespected. Some of these facilities include the cafetorium and new bathrooms. A lot of hard work and money has been put into these additions.

In the bathrooms there are inappropriate words and pictures written on the stalls.

“When you go into the bathroom, you can see plastic frames that students have broken and pieces of plastic all over from them,” said senior Alex Roth.

Before the bond, there were many problems at the high school such as broken ceiling tiles, broken bathroom stalls, and no air conditioning.

“My freshman year I was in class when it started raining so hard a ceiling tile broke and water started flooding the room,” said Roth.

Our school is a place we come to learn every day. Some people are at school even longer than they are at home and students should treat it like it is home.

The way we present our school is how we are all judged and our community evaluates the students and staff based off the appearance of our school and our attitudes. When we disrespect our learning environment we show a poor attitude.

The upcoming grades look up to us and we are role models to them. We should show them how to properly treat the facilities that are given to us by picking up after ourselves and not writing on the walls.

Without these facilities the school would not be the same. Our school hosts many sporting events, concerts and more community events.

Other schools may not be as fortunate to have the resources we have.

If we cannot respect the place we learn at everyday, we cannot be expected to respect our workplace. By appreciating our school we prepare ourselves for joining the future workforce.